What to read First! Where should you start?

There are three series to consider. All are set in the same universe. I began telling Stiger and Eli’s story in the middle years…starting with Stiger’s Tigers, published in 2015. Stiger’s Tigers is a great place to start reading. It was the first work I published and is a grand fantasy epic.

However, if you desire, you can easily start with Stiger, Tales of the Seventh, which covers Stiger’s early years. It begins with Stiger’s first military appointment as a wet-behind-the-ears lieutenant serving in Seventh Company during the very beginning of the war against the Rivan on the frontier. This series will see Stiger cut his teeth and develop into the hard charging leader that fans have grown to love. It will also introduce Eli and cover some of their early adventures. These tales should in no way spoil your experience with Stiger’s Tigers. In fact, I believe they will only enhance it.

The Karus Saga is a whole new adventure set in the same universe…many years before Stiger was even born. This series tells how Roman legions made their way to the world of Istros and the founding of the empire. It is set amidst a war of the gods and is full of action, intrigue, adventure, and mystery.

Choose your poison carefully!

Stiger’s early years:

Tales of the Seventh Part One: Stiger
Part Two: Fort Covenant
Part Three: Eli
(Coming Soon)

Part Four: Title Forthcoming
Part Five: Title Forthcoming
Part Six: Title Forthcoming

Stiger’s Middle Years
(main storyline)

Chronicles of an Imperial Legionary Officer Book One: Stiger’s Tigers
Book Two: The Tiger
Book Three: The Tiger’s Fate
Book Four: The Tiger’s Time (Coming Soon… likely March 2018)
Book Five: Title Forthcoming
Book Six: Title Forthcoming

Karus and Amarra
(standalone series set in the same universe)

The Karus Saga Book One: Lost Legio IX
Book Two: Title Forthcoming
Book Three: Title Forthcoming
Book Four: Title Forthcoming
Book Five: Title Forthcoming

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