Istros: Stiger's World

Stiger is a man who has been hardened by war, and the politics of the Mal’Zeelan Empire. He is a gifted fighter, a bastard of a man, master manipulator and a born leader of men.

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The Art Inspired by the Story

  • MAE Novels Stigers Tigers
    Ben Stiger
  • MAE Novels Stigers Tigers
    Eli the elven ranger going into battle
  • MAE Novels Stigers Tigers
    Taha Leeth elven ranger and former slave of the Cyphan Confederacy
  • MAE Novels Stigers Tigers
    Braddock Uth Kal Thol Thane of the Mountains and ruler of the Dwarven Nations
  • MAE Novels Stigers Tigers
    Marcus Legionary Scout and Ranger
  • Dragon
  • Dwarves
  • Orc
  • Stiger and Dog
  • The Tiger

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